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Treats Guide

Colorful Popsicles

Some of these suggestions provide very low impact on your body's metabolic and insulin response and can often be eaten on a more frequent basis without negative consequences for your health goals.  Others provide much more impact and should be used more sparingly. Those indicated as splurge or special occasion fall into the latter category. You are on a journey to discover what will work best for you, but the principles that you have been learning during your time in this program will help guide your path of discovery.

This guide includes brands and products that I am aware of, but of course it doesn't mean that there are no other good options that aren't worthy to be on the lists. If you run across options that you think would be good to include - in these categories or in new "treat categories" please share them with me. I will continue to update this guide. 

Special Note: I haven't tried every product or recipe on this list, and I don't spend a lot of time baking. Many are listed because the ingredients work for the goals we have for our health. Therefore, please share your feedback on the products and recipes that you try, so that I can keep this list updated with the best and most exciting options.  Always read labels as ingredients change, and mistakes can be made.

Gelato and Sorbet – ish  Recipes

Gelato   There are probably some ways to decrease some of the sweeteners used in these recipes (substitute truvia or similar products for some of the maple syrup or dates for example) but it’s still better than many commercial options  (mislabled as sugar-free because it has maple syrup and/or dates)

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Gelato and Sorbet - ish Ready Made Products 

Image by Tomek


So Delicious - my favorite. They have lovely sugar free options included, as well as sugar-containing options


Forager Project


Snow Monkey




So Delicious Coco Whip whipped cream (alternative to Cool-Whip)


Tru Whip - Another alternative to Cool-Whip (which should be avoided)


Jolly Llama  (not low in sugar so occasional treat, but has clean ingredient list)  (Sold at Walmart and other places. Always read labels carefully for any packaged product that you buy, because, as is the case with this brand, some flavors may have low sugar, and some flavors of the same brand won’t. Some may be gluten and/or dairy free, or some other flavors may not be. The same goes for corn, eggs, and other potential allergens).   Again, check labels carefully, but they carry a variety of sugar and dairy free options (although not all). Their sorbet has less additives than their icecream.   They have pretty clean ingredient lists, with some of their products being no sugar added, and some being better for more occasional treats  (lower in sugar)

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