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Mary's Story

"...I told her, if I don't, I'll be dead in a year..."

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Sondra's Story

Goodbye hypertension, lymphedema, weight, and more!

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Dr. Blake's Story

She revived her energy, weight & skin in her 40s!

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Latoya's Story

She had low energy, & couldn't see her waistline...

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Octavia's Story

Healing her blood pressure, blood sugar, energy, and weight release at 40!

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Nicole's Story

Off 10 meds & oxygen, 60+ lbs released so far, & active again at 50 yrs old! 

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Maria's Story

Feeling better in her 50's than she did in her 20's!

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Project Manager,
Benefit Configurations


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My experience through this program helped me see that natural eating and natural living in general is the way to go. My nodules cleared up within 4 weeks when my dermatologist couldn’t even get one to go down. It showed me that they aren’t for the root-cause of problems but for management. Dr. Alesha asked questions and she provided answers to me that I really didn’t know I needed. I appreciate her for her patience with me and her commitment to her clients.


I learned so much about sleep disturbances, the body organs, and how things impact me, that I incorporated the techniques given to me daily. I’ve always found myself wanting to go the natural route with things because I’ve always believed medicine had done more harm than good and this program provided so much information on foods, products from candles, skin care, detergent, to natural remedies that I got what I asked for.


We need more doctors like her. If you are looking for the root-cause of a problem or simply want to go the natural remedy route, I would highly recommend the program.

Independent Adjuster

Tropical Beach

Before I began the suggestions that Alesha gave me, my health was out of control. To share a few things; I suffered from frequent migraines, low energy, depression, and daily digestive issues and pains. My migraines occurred once or twice a month and would last at least 2 days. They were so debilitating I could not leave the darkness of my room at home or barely lift my head from the pillow. 

I experienced extreme depression, not wanting to eat and would stay in bed for days. My energy was so low, I literally got up, went to work, picked up food on the way home, and when home got in bed. I had recurring digestive pains that felt like labor contractions for years. I could not even drink a glass of water some mornings without triggering the pains. 

Alesha carefully looked at my overall wellness to help me uncover some underlying issues causing my symptoms. For the last 8 years since I have been following the recommendations specialized for me, my health has done a 360-degree turnaround for the better. I rarely get migraines, maybe once or twice a year, and far less intense. My mood and energy levels are normal, and my digestive pains eliminated. 

Alesha's approach to whole body healing is not forceful, but encouraging. You know she really cares about you and it makes you want to stick with the health plan she gives. I will continue to recommend Alesha to anyone in need of holistic healing because I trust she will go above and beyond for your situation to provide the best care. 

Real Estate Agent

Rio Beach Promenade

Alesha has the unique gift of thoroughness. When sharing your health history or current situation, she is carefully listening and piecing together your story.  She will often have a question for you that may cause you to realize you left out a major detail in your history.  That speaks to her skill!  I don't know how she does it which is why I call it a gift.  

She is also exceptional in her ability and willingness to research.  She isn't one who believes that because she has the credentials that it makes her all-knowing.  She continues to lean on the latest research and will make sure she is providing you with the most current information.  

There are many doctors that will give the one-size-fits-all approach to health, but if you are looking for someone that hasn't forgotten that you are a unique individual and who is also willing to pick up a book or two, then Alesha may be the consultant you have been looking for.  


Exotic Destinations

Prior to working with Alesha, I was extremely affected by hashimoto's disease (a thyroid autoimmune disorder) that was causing extreme fatigue, pain, brain fog, etc. I was also suffering from severe asthma and allergies. I could barely walk from the parking lot to a building without becoming overly fatigued and winded, and I needed to take frequent breaks for normal tasks. The asthma and hashimoto's disease are now both considered to be controlled.


My entire experience was positive as she never gives up. If one suggestion doesn't work, she will try something else. Alesha is great at educating you about nutrition and vitamins, helping you walk through making wise choices, and researching health issues that you're less familiar with.

Furthermore, she helped me with my father’s health, as he had to undergo surgery and chemo.  She provided him guidance on food, supplements, and lifestyle changes to support his immune system and his body’s recovery capabilities.  As he received chemo, many of the horrible side effects he was warned about never happened.


His fatigue and side effects were minimal in comparison to my mom who had all the same treatment without Alesha's guidance. His doctors were amazed at how strong his body was for 78 years old.  Due to a surgical complication, he ended up having 3 surgeries in a 1-week period. Not only were his doctors astounded by his ability to tolerate these surgeries, but also by how quickly he was able to recover. We are certain that Alesha’s wellness plan had a hand in this.

Pathology Lab Assistant

Tropical Island

Before following Alesha's suggestions, I was going through a situation that sent me straight into menopause. This left me very irritable and on edge most of the time.  I also craved sweets all the time. Taking the supplements really helped with balancing my eating habits and craving sweets less. I noticed a change with my positive outlook and not being on edge all the time.  Also, there was a change in my weight loss.

Christian Counselor

Seaside Resort

A few years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with osteoporosis in my spine. Discovering this was very hard for me; and I was afraid to even sit or lie down.  I found myself watching my posture all the time, and was scared to do anything that might break a bone. I had so many questions, and no one was available to answer them.  


At that time, a friend of mine referred me to Alesha, and she was just the person with whom I needed to speak. She answered all my questions, and told me what I should and shouldn’t be doing to support my bones.  She gave me suggestions on which supplements to take, and exercises to incorporate.  I am so thankful to God for Alesha’s life; and with her knowledge and compassion she can and will help many more people. 

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