Female Healthcare Providers

Somewhere along the way, did you veer off course in your own health, as you poured your life into the healing of others?


Have you done a great deal of work in your healing journey, but have some loose ends that you want to tie up?


Do you desire to show up for yourself, your family, & your patients as the authentic, healthy role model that you entered this profession to be?

If you are ready to get energized, renewed, and shed excess weight & inflammation, the Physician Heal Thyself Program is likely what you're looking for.

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12-Week transformation to help you:

  • restore healthy sleep

  • build stress resilience

  • knock out inflammation

  • reset your circadian rhythm & metabolism

  • shed excess weight

A must-do program if you're struggling with your mood, brain fog, blood pressure, blood sugar, excess weight, or joint pain.

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A food and stress-reduction based detox during the first half of the program, followed by strategic development of your long-term plan to maintain your health and results permanently.

​A sustainable gameplan for food & lifestyle shifts on a busy schedule, even if you have a family and a career.

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Choose Your Path

2 Convenient Options for the Physician Heal Thyself Program 

Which one meets your needs?

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You and I will meet virtually, either biweekly or monthly, over the course of 12 weeks, with unlimited access to me via email, and a private client portal in between sessions.  A Success Kit will be shipped to you upon enrollment. You will have the opportunity to participate in group sessions as a complementary perk, if you so desire.

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Healthcare Providers Only Group

Meet weekly in a virtual group setting, over the course of 12 weeks, with myself and supportive colleagues on a similar journey. Upgrade option available to include 3 one-on-one sessions if desired. Unlimited  access to me via email and a private client portal in between sessions. A Success Kit will be shipped to you upon enrollment.