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Equipped for Energy
Metabolic Reset 
3 Month Hybrid Group Program

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Introducing an exciting program to accelerate your success with you energy, mood, weight loss, and more!


I call it a Hybrid Group Program, because not only will you get to meet in the amazing, loving group sessions with other women on a similar journey, but we will have personal one-on-one sessions throughout the program. This will allow us 3 hours, over 3 sessions, to look into your health story and goals, fine-tune the reset to your specific needs, and address any of your questions or challenges that need attention beyond the group setting.

Goals of the Reset

  • Fast-track your journey to overcome fatigue & hormone imbalance, through a food & stress reduction-based detox!

  • Learn how to fix your sleep issues, so that you wake refreshed and renewed!

  • Knock out inflammation that's been causing pain and hindering your healing!

  • Accelerate your recovery from brain fog and poor mood!

  • Fire up your metabolism, so that you quickly start to release unwanted weight and reclaim your sexy!

  • Walk away with a fulfilling, sustainable plan for permanent weight management!

Equipped for Success Kit

Upon enrollment, you will be shipped a specially crafted Equipped for Success Kit, which will provide you everything you need to rock this program with ease, fun, and joy.

Your Very Own Wellness Tribe!

You get the added advantage of being in a community of like-minded women on similar journeys of wellness restoration. Enjoy the opportunities to learn from and be encouraged by your fellow members during weekly office hours, live events, and through the group chat option, located in our private client portal.

Steps to Work with Me:



Introductions! Questionnaire

This brief questionnaire is the first step to ensuring that we are a great fit to work together. Once completed, you can expect to hear back about scheduling of the free 20 minute How Much Fatigue? Session within 3-5 business days.


Complimentary 45-minute call

Tired of the Struggle Session

This helps us both to verify that Equipped for Energy Metabolic Reset is best suited to help you reach your goals.  If we determine that working with me in this program is not the level best option to help you succeed, I will make a suggestion what you may want to consider instead. 

Click HERE for some FAQs about this call.


2-part Initial Call

Get Energized Blueprint Sessions

1st 1-hour call: We will take a look at your health history, past exposures, diet, lifestyle, & health challenges.  We will tailor the reset plan to fit your goals and needs; come up with a game-plan for any foreseeable challenges, and answer whatever questions that you have.

2nd 1-hour second call: We will check in on how you are progressing in the reset, what tweaks need to be made to your plan if applicable, address any obstacles, and answer your questions.

3rd 1-hour third call: We will assess and celebrate how far you have come; your current goals in light of this progress, and map out your long-term plan for continued success.


Journey to Energy Restoration Group Calls

Getting Equipped Group Sessions

In addition to our private sessions, you will be meeting up with me and the rest of the ladies in the community when you join in online during my virtual office hours each week.

  • Office hours will happen via Zoom for 1-2 hours, and you are free to come and go as you please to connect, ask questions, get ideas, share ideas and have fun.  I will also teach on a new topic each week that is relevant to your long-term success both during and beyond this program.                                   

  • ***Take advantage of the newness of this program. As a founding member, you play an important role in shaping this community (tell me what you want to see, what you like, and don't like).                                                 

  • Can't make a session? No worries. They will be recorded and available for you to review later, along with a synopsis of what questions were asked, and material was shared.                                                                                         

  • I will be present during the office hours, as well as am available via personal and group chat in our private client portal.                                                                           

  • Recordings and materials will always be made available to all members, to support anyone that cannot attend live.

* All consultations and work with Alesha Maury, N.D. are for educational purposes, and she will not be diagnosing or treating any conditions based on lab-work or other discussions.  All clients of Equipped for Health must maintain their relationship with their primary care physician, as they understand that working Alesha Maury, ND does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

Journey Benefits


Continued encouragement, support and accountability, plus daily access to get all of your questions answered


High quality, pure, professional-grade supplement suggestions and monthly recipes provided

Success Kit

You will get the perfect supplements, treats, tools, & resources to make this an enjoyable journey for your mind, body, and spirit


Handouts, guides, videos, & other resources to facilitate your progress in the program



Weekly Growth

Each week we will focus on an exciting new topic, where you will get equipped to transform your health & the health of your family.


20% client discount for purchases made through the Equipped for Health Store

Monthly Prizes

You will find tons of motivation to stay the course and work towards your goals with accountability prize opportunities

Ongoing Support

If you need additional support beyond what this 3 month program offers, you will have the opportunity to incorporate this reset into a 6 or 12 month 1-on-1 program

My Approach During Your Journey

Full Engagement

Careful thought and attention to your case both before, during, and after our sessions


Patience & easy to follow guidance as you navigate this new season of rejuvenation

A Framework

A framework to help you to make lasting changes that bring about sustained energy and vibrance


Guidance on how to work as a partner in your health with your treating physicians

Is This Program for You?


Metabolic Reset
(3 Months)

  • For women who appreciate a wellness community atmosphere, while enjoying one-on-one guidance also.                                                                                         

  • For women with a commitment to making their health a top priority.                                                                                            

  • You are welcome to start solely in this program, or to enjoy this reset as part of an one-on-one program.

Check Out Frequently Asked Questions About This Program by clicking Here

Ready for the Introductions! Questionnaire

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