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Bread & Grain-Based

Food Guide

Rustic Loaf

Some of these suggestions provide very low impact on your body's metabolic and insulin response and can often be eaten on a more frequent basis without negative consequences for your health goals.  Others provide much more impact and should be used more sparingly. Those indicated as splurge or special occasion fall into the latter category. You are on a journey to discover what will work best for you, but the principles that you have been learning during your time in this program will help guide your path of discovery.

This guide includes brands and products that I am aware of, but of course it doesn't mean that there are no other good options that aren't worthy to be on the lists. If you run across options that you think would be good to include, please share them with me. I will continue to update this guide. 

Special Note: I haven't tried every product or recipe on this list, and I don't spend a lot of time baking. So some are listed because the ingredients work for the goals we have for our health. Therefore, please share your feedback on the products and recipes that you try, so that I can keep this list updated with the best and most exciting options.

Metabolic Friendly Bread Products

Ready Made Ideas

Loaves of Breads (found in freezer section of health food stores, regular stores like Publix, and on their website) (found in health food stores like Whole Foods and online - may be in freezer section. For egg-free options, see their Plant Based products towards bottom of product page)  (always check ingredients lists for your personal kryptonites) 



Higher Carbs Than Options Above But Ingredients Are Still Superior: (loaves) (use this code for a 20% discount: DOCMAURY This bread comes in an unsliced loaf and is preservative free so needs to be sliced as soon as you get it and store what you don't need in the fridge or freezer - see their instructions)


* I'm not a "wrap" sort of girl, but these are the ones I would try if I were. They are lower in carbs than most, and some have higher fiber than others - higher fiber is always best. Among the many insulin spiking wraps out there, these seem to be the cleanest and more insulin friendlier options that I ran across. Clean meaning ingredients, oils, additives etc. 

Please share your feedback on taste!

Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps  (half the carbs of normal corn tortilla due to thinness)

Wrap/Flatbread/Tortilla Recipes

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Metabolic Friendly Bread Products


Penne Pasta (I buy these at vitacost or directly from the company) (I buy these online from the company)  (check out the Spaghetti and Fettucine. I have seen these in Publix and Whole Foods in the Freezer section) (these don't taste bad!) (Better than Pasta brand - can be found other places also)  (It's Skinny Pasta and Rice - can be found other places also)  (yellow pea pasta)

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Metabolic Friendly Bread Products

Recipe Ideas

Cookbooks (I made this buttercream frosting using black currant preserves and it was yummy! I don't think I will buy frosting again).

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Metabolic Friendly Bread Products

Better Splurge Options (splurge = use sparingly)


*This list covers multiple categories

Some of these splurge products use junk oils or other questionable ingredients so do use sparingly

Cupcake with Berries

Ready Made

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi (I found this in Publix) (not sugar free but lower than standard mixes and super yummy. I have seen it in health food stores and online. They also make a much cleaner version of frosting and other products to consider - always read labels)


Other splurge brands that taste more like the gluten version:

- Against the Grain (yummy splurge bread – frozen section of many grocery stores)

- Udi’s Gluten Free Bread Products

- Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking Mixes

- King Arthur Gluten-Free line of flours & baking mixes

- Schar bread products

- Jovial Pastas

- Tinkyada Brown Rice Pastas

- Canyon Bakehouse Bread

Sugar-Free Sweetener Brands:

- Truvia (found in stores and online)

- Purecane (love not only their sweeteners but their electrolyte powder)

- Stevia in the Raw

- Sweetleaf Stevia

- Other brands that mix either stevia, xylitol, erithrytol, allulose, or monk fruit together (lots of options)

Lakanto (they make a variety of sugar free products sweetened with monk fruit - always read ingredients)


NEVER USE: aspartame (found in Equal and NutraSweet), sucralose (found in Splenda), and Saccharin (found in Sweet 'N Low) - not good for the brain and wreaks havoc on insulin response


Better Sweeteners that do Have Sugar (Use Sparingly!!)

- Raw Honey

- Molasses

- Yacon Syrup (example:

- Dates

- Pure Maple Syrup

- Turbinado

- Coconut Sugar

Recipes  (Use Gluten Free Flour) (Blender Muffins - I suggest exchange the peanut butter for almond or another nut butter because peanuts have a high risk of being moldy)

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