Equipped for Energy Program

I work with a very limited number of clients at any given time, to ensure my ability to provide the focus and time needed to:

  • Help investigate and delve into underlying issues such as lifestyle, diet, physiological imbalances, stressors, etc.

  • Assist you at your desired pace

  • Spend the time with you needed to reach your goals

Steps to Work with Me:


Complimentary 20-minute call


This brief, 8 question questionnaire is the first step to ensuring that we are a great fit to work together. Once completed, you can expect to hear back about scheduling of the free 20 minute How Much Fatigue? Session within 3-5 business days.


Complimentary 20-minute call

How Much Fatigue? Session

This helps us both to verify that I am the best-suited person to help you. If so, I will invite you to join an Equipped for Energy Program.  If I’m not, I may make a suggestion for who or what you may want to consider instead. 


2-part Initial Call

Get Energized Blueprint Sessions*

1.5 - 2 hours: We will discuss your health history, past exposures, diet, lifestyle, & health challenges. Lab-work that you have already recently done will be discussed in order to help you understand how your results may play a role in how you feel*.  Also, you may be given some suggestions for additional testing that you may want to discuss with your doctor. 

1 - 1.5 hours: During the follow-up call, I will help you to understand how the information that we have gathered is connected to your current state of fatigue. I will also lay out the framework of how we will move forward in the program to help you reach your goal of Energy Restoration. 


Journey to Energy Restoration Calls

Getting Equipped Sessions*

After the initial calls, we will meet monthly for:

  • Two 30 minute sessions monthly via Video or Phone for the next 3-6 months, depending on your program.                                                 

  • Unlimited access to me via email and the client portal text messaging as needed

* All consultations and work with Alesha Maury, N.D. are for educational purposes, and she will not be diagnosing or treating any conditions based on lab-work or other discussions.  All clients of Equipped for Health must maintain their relationship with their primary care physician, as they understand that working Alesha Maury, ND does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

Journey Benefits


Continued encouragement and support and accountability from me


High quality, pure, professional-grade supplement suggestions as needed**


Suggested testing to request from your doctor or to get done on your own if needed**


Handouts, guides and other resources to facilitate your progress in the program

Essentials Kit

 Equipped for Energy Nutrient Kit - essential nutrients and tools to supercharge your success, that are included in the program investment cost.**


20% discount off

supplements - for any additional supplements that might be suggested beyond the Essentials Kit

Menu Makeover

Personalized Menu Makeover:

A guide to optimize your menu for maximum energy and optimal health.

Intolerance Eval

Food Intolerance Evaluation. Discover which food(s) and food combination(s) don't work well for you. This is not an allergy test.

My Approach During Your Journey

Full Engagement

Careful thought and attention to your case both before, during, and after our sessions


Patience & easy to follow guidance as you navigate this new season of rejuvenation

A Framework

A framework to help you to make lasting changes that bring about sustained energy and vibrance


Guidance on how to work as a partner in your health with your treating physicians

Which Program is for You?



Energy Program

  • 3-month program                                                                             

  • For women who are otherwise healthy                                                          

  • For women with more recent, moderate cases of fatigue




Deep Dive


  • 6-month program                                                                             

  • For women who have multiple health struggles that may be contributing to fatigue, or who necessitate more time to navigate through these struggles in order to feel optimal                                                  

  • For women who have more long-standing, severe cases of fatigue

** The cost of any suggested lab work is not included in the program, and will be kept to a minimum and personalized to the individual’s needs.  Equipped for Energy Essentials Kit contains several of the supplements and tools that I find to be foundational when taken in a high quality dose and form.  This starter pack will be provided complimentary during the duration of the program for U.S. clients. For international clients, additional charges might apply for additional shipping expenses.  Depending on the unique situation of each client, additional supplements are sometimes suggested during the program - the cost of which will be discounted 20% off for clients of Equipped for Health Programs.

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