This brief call is a great opportunity for us to get answers to any questions that still remain, before deciding to move forward with working together. The questions below will give you a better idea of what to expect from this session. If you have any further questions about what to expect on this call, please contact us here.

Will I be asked to make a decision on this call?

Great question. No you won't be asked to make a decision during this call. If we both decide that you are a great fit for one of the Equipped programs, I will ask you to think about what you would like to do, and contact me if and when you are willing to proceed.

Will you provide me wellness suggestions during this call?

Excellent question! We will not get into specific wellness suggestions on this call as this is not a wellness consulation, and we need more time than this session provides.

What is the agenda for this call?

I'm so glad you asked! Prior to this call (after you complete the Introductions! Questionnaire, I will send you some additional information about our programs. During this call, we will: - Clarify your interests and needs - Clear up any lingering questions that you have about how the programs could help you accomplish your goals - Decide which of the programs, if any, is best for you - If we decide that my programs are not a perfect fit for you, a suggestion for who or what you might consider instead

Will this call be by phone or video?

Thanks for checking. The Introductions! Session will be a phone call. Inside of the programs that I offer, my clients have a choice to do phone or video for private consulations (and Zoom for the hybrid group membership sessions); but most of my clients really enjoy meeting via video.

Can I join a program during our Introductions! Session?

Oooh I love action takers! Although you are under no pressure or request on this call to sign up during our session, if we both decide that one of the programs is a good fit for you, then we can certainly enroll you that same day! Next steps would involve: - enrollment into our all-in-one online client portal, where you can make payment and access materials (also a communication portal) - scheduling of our first session !!

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