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Want to Jumpstart Your Energy Levels and Start Shaking off Sluggishness?

Go from Lethargic to Rejuvenated in 3 Short & Easy Weeks!

Pay close attention if you’re interested in:

Having the energy and focus to crush your to-do list

Learning strategies that are quick and simple to implement with your busy lifestyle

A stress-free way to detox and cleanse your body

Giving yourself a much needed “tune-up” for more resilient vibrant health throughout the year

To the women dealing with fatigue, brain fog, and/or moodiness,

If you’re frustrated with dragging yourself through most days... dependent on caffeine to keep your eyes open, only to wake up the next day unrefreshed and feeling like it’s Groundhog Day, read on to see how you can start turning your situation around. 

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

Being physically present at a family, community, or professional event, but too worn out to actually enjoy and fully engage in that present moment the way you want to?

Retreating to a midday nap to refresh yourself, only to wake feeling the same or worse?

Snapping at loved ones, co-workers or strangers because you’re tired and cranky?

Feeling like you want to engage in more self-care and make healthier lifestyle choices, but knowing that your energy levels and mental focus are not up to the task?

You can hop off of this hamster wheel, and make a fresh start now.

I'll show you how to push the reset button on some key factors that influence how you have been feeling, even if you are super busy with limited resources.

What Clients Are Saying That Struggled With Fatigue 

Beach Vacation

From Existing to Thriving!

Before I began the suggestions that Alesha gave me… My energy was so low, I literally got up, went to work, picked up food on the way home, and when home got in bed… She carefully looked at my overall wellness to help me uncover some underlying issues causing my symptoms… My mood and energy levels are normal, and my digestive pains eliminated… I will continue to recommend Alesha to anyone in need of holistic healing

-    Crystal, Independent Adjuster

Picnic Basket

Living Life Again!

Before working with Alesha, I was extremely affected by a thyroid autoimmune disorder that was causing extreme fatigue, pain, brain fog, etc… I could barely walk from the parking lot to a building without becoming overly fatigued and winded, and I needed to take frequent breaks for normal tasks… My entire experience was positive as she never gives up

-      Alicia, Educator

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Magic Energy in a Bottle

Many women have a vague notion that “healthy eating” might lead to them feeling better in their bodies.  For this group of women, what they’ve been taught about what constitutes healthy eating leaves them with a false sense of security that what they are eating is fine. This is because inflammatory, allergenic, and energy draining foods get way more positive press than they should. 

Then there is the woman that has no clue that what she puts on her fork or in her cup could be a big factor in why she has the comatose feelings that strike at opportune times during the day (or all day).  She is even more likely to be eating in such a way to cause rollercoaster energy crashes, along with mood swings.

Neither one of these women believes that it’s possible to make truly healthy meals and snacks without spending hours and energy (that they don’t have) in the kitchen.

That’s why this 21-Day Energy Reset program is a great way to take a moment to do some cleansing – cleansing of beliefs, of pantries, of plates, of habits, and of priorities.

I’m Alesha Maury, ND. I specialize in helping women struggling with fatigue figure out how to reclaim their energy, so that they can enjoy their relationships, succeed at work, and pursue their passions.


The inspiration for the 21-Day Energy Reset came, because I encounter so many women that are missing this simple framework and understanding of how much our energy levels are often a reflection of some basic core pillars that are not in place with how we are eating and living.


I used to live with fatigue for years, so I know that feeling of simply existing, and I know the other side – of vibrancy. I wish that someone would have laid out an easy step by step plan for me back then, but I am happy to offer it for you now.


Meet Your Expert Energy Guide

The 21-day timeframe is appealing, because I have found that this is just enough time to not overwhelm the busy women that I work with, while still being long enough to make a big difference in resetting their course.


The steps that I walk you through in this program are simple, because the foundational principles by which our bodies work optimally in nature – are basic.  Let’s stop overcomplicating things, and get back to the basic pillars of health. 

Sustainable Energy that Won’t Cause You to Crash & Burn

21-Day Energy Reset

What's Included in This Program:

Screen grab from 7 steps video 2.jpg

Weekly Support

Each week I will provide you new video support (pre-recorded) to guide you through the focus of that week. You can submit any questions that the video doesn't answer as well.

Daily schedule illustration.png

Daily Schedule

That will help you fully embrace and understand how to implement this program.                                

Food Diary Illustration.png

Food Diary

To take the guessing game out of the picture. You are going to enjoy not having to search Pinterest recipes for a while.

Guidebook illustration.png


Digital guide with 3 weeks of easy to follow material that will inspire you to make changes & will give you the tools to regain control of your days with natural, self-sufficient steps.

Shopping List Illustration.png

Shopping List

This make trips to the supermarket super simple, which makes prepping, preparing and cooking a breeze.

Bonus illustration.png

Bonuses & A Gift

Keep reading to find out the extra goodies in store for you to reward you taking this step towards ditching fatigue.

Recipes illustration.png

Recipe Guide

Packed with delicious, easy-to-make recipes that will have you feeling satisfied and producing energy for hours - so you can do what you’ve put off on your list for so long!

Meal Plan Illustration.png

Suggested Meals

To take the guessing game out of the picture. You are going to enjoy not having to search Pinterest recipes for a while.

Guidebook illustration.png

Post-Reset Guide

This cheat sheet outlines a free gift that I am offering you once you complete the program – your choice of a 28 day meal plan pertaining to the health goal of your choice below:

Post-Reset Free 28-Day Meal Plan Options

Graphic of Post Reset Meal Plan options.png

What's Covered in This Program:

Cute Planner


  • Quick Cheat Sheet for Success so that you know how to prepare for the journey                                                         

  • Superfoods you will have the option to eat on this program, and what they can do for you                                       

  • Your daily schedule

Kundalini Yoga Meditation


  • Tapping into what Fuels You                          

  • Avoiding Toxic Foods                           

  •  Avoiding Emotional Zappers                           

  • Supplements and Energy                             

  • Homework and  Action Steps

Virtual Team Meeting


  • Creating an Energy-Fueled Schedule                                                    

  • Some reasons why you’re constantly tired, despite everything                                                

  • Homework and Action Steps

Laughing Friends


  • Master your energy for life                                    

  • 9 at home detox support strategies that are game changers                                                

  • Resource directory

It’s time to put your health first and start feeling like the beautiful & productive person you are!

Ready for Instant Access to Your 
21 Day Energy Reset?

Check Out the Extra Bonuses That You Will Receive!

These extra goodies are included with your purchase and come at absolutely no extra cost or obligation to you. I wanted to give you added value in two areas that are super relevant in this day and age:

Sleep and Immune Health

Guidebook illustration.png

Bonus #1: Sleep Better and Supercharge Your Life

  • Everyone knows sleep is important, but not enough of us are successful with this foundation to good health                                                                                

  • We will jump deeper into the pitfalls of sleep, and how to overcome them                                                    

  • Learn the simple sleep hygiene plan to get your circadian rhythm (internal body clock) on track                                 

  • Find out how sleep is impacting several crucial areas that you may be struggling with right now, such as metabolism, immune health, hormone health, and more.                                       

Guidebook illustration.png

Bonus #2: Nature’s Toolkit for Your Immune System

  • You will be amazed out how foods, herbs, and spices that you thought were only for cooking, can come to your rescue when you’re sick, and even protect you when you’re not.                                                               

  • Have recipes, formulas, and products on hand for seasonal, immediate, and long-term concerns.                                                                                                      

  • Strategies for both adults and little ones                                                                                       

  • Brief guidance on herbal safety concerns

It's all included when you sign up today.

Of course, I know that this is a big step to finally make the decision to cleanse your body, and I want you to make your decision with the utmost confidence. That's why you can:

Try It Risk-Free for 30 Days

Sign up today and take up to 30 days to evaluate and put the   21 Day Energy Reset to work for you. If you don’t find this program to be what you needed, just let me know and I'll give you your money back.

Money back guarantee pink.png

Let's Get Started

In closing ladies, this program has a value of $497, including bonuses. I don’t plan to charge the full value, as I want to reach as many women as possible.

However, in honor of this being the inaugural launch of the
21 Day Energy Reset, as an introductory offer, I have priced this program exceptionally low, at the cost of:

-    Getting your hair and nails done
-    Buying a good pair of sneakers
-    Or family restaurant night

I have tried to take the guesswork and barriers out of the equation for you. Now it’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity. 


Here's to Your Energy Renewal,

Alesha Maury, ND

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